Bacon by Akerman: Best of Google Knol

"The Grotesque in Francis Bacon's Instinctive Paintings" is an article by Mariano Akerman. It was initially published as "a unit of knowledge" in Knol (30.10.2009).

URL was http://knol.google.com/k/the-grotesque-in-bacon-s-instinctive-paintings

Akerman's Knol was chosen among "The Best of Google Knol" by the Knol Publishing Guild on June 28, 2011. The KPG included Spiros Kakos, Gust Mees, Garry Jenkins, Peter Baskerville, Norman Creaney, Jag Nambiar, Krishan Maggon, and Murry Shohat. Source: The Best of Google Knol, Scoop.it!, 6.7.2011, p. 1

Murry Shohat: "The Best of Google Knol."

Now the original article can be found online as The Grotesque in Francis Bacon's Paintings

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