100% Bacon
A Realm of Singularities
Acerca de lo Grotesco en las pinturas de Bacon
After Muybridge
Art Documents: Francis Bacon, Remarks
Art Documents: Francis Bacon, Remarks 1985 and 2007
Artworks, Sources, Comparisons
Aspectos grotescos del arte de Bacon
Bacon: A Painter with a Double-Edged Sword
Bacon at the BBC
Bacon by Akerman: Best of Google Knol
Bacon recalls Cocteau
Bacon's Position
Bacon's Studio: A Deeply Ordered Chaos
Baconian Concerns
Baconiana 1
Baconiana 2
Baconiana Issues, 1998-2009
Beautiful Deformity reaches £21m
Britannia Awakes
Careful Planning
Centenary Exhibition 2009: Paintings, Sources of Inspiration and Other Work Documents
Centenary Exhibition Reviews: London
Centenary Exhibition Reviews: Madrid
Centenary Exhibition Reviews: New York
Clipping as Source of Inspiration
Considerando que leyó lo que publicó ese al que se le dijo qué es lo que posiblemente pudo haber sucedido...
Double Silence
El juego de Bacon
El maletín de Bacon: ¿Grotesco tocinesco?
El taller y sus contenidos
Figura en el espejo, 1971
Five Decades
Foam of Feeling and Existential Wasteland
Focus on Francis Bacon: Newsweek 1977 and The New York Times 1989
Francesco Pianta
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon: Decoration and Rugs, c. 1929-30
Francis Bacon the Painter
Francis Bacon y lo Grotesco
Georges Bataille: The Mouth
Grand Guignol
Grotesqueness in the Triptych
Hanging Some Favorites
Inspired by Dr. Grünwald
Interviews with Francis Bacon
Jean Cocteau: Orpheus
John Edwards
La peinture du cri humaine
Las fuentes hispánicas del arte baconiano
Lo Grotesco en las pinturas de Bacon
Lo Grotesco en las pinturas instinctivas de Bacon
Love is the Devil
Observaciones peninsulares
Painter Francis Bacon Centennial Birthday
Peintre des émotions enfouies
Pintor de la violencia y el horror
Poetry after Auschwitz
Pope with Owls, 1958
Potential Carcasses
Pride and Prejudice
Queer Francis
Realism in extremis
Sadomasoquismo implícito
Tate Biographic Data
The Greatest Painter or a Fascinating Mess?
The Grotesque in Bacon's Paintings
The Human Zoo
Three Reviews from Studio International
Transatlantic Viewpoint
Triptych 1976
Turbulent Modern
Una mirada al grotesco vital
Viewpoint: Zervigon on Bacon
Wrestlers' Contact Sheets, 1975
Zissou on Bacon

Silver Yad, By Joseph Zweig, London, 1901

1951 Figure with Monkey
1952 Man Screaming
1953 Two Figures
1954-55, c. Untitled (Pope)
1958 Pope with Owls (Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Brussels)
1961 Two Figures
1962 Three Studies for a Crucifixion (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York)
1963 Portrait of Henrietta Moraes
1967 Study for Bullfight No. 2 (Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon)
1968 Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror (Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid)
1971 Lying Figure in a Mirror (Museo de Bellas Artes, Bilbao)
1976 Self-Portrait (Musée Cantini, Marseille)
1976 Triptych
1979 Triptych Three Studies of the Human Body

artwork development. Five Decades
bibliography. Resources.
biography. Francis BaconFrancis Bacon the Painter; Tate Biographic Data.
Cocteau, Jean. Orpheus.
comparisons. ASCFlaxman, Grünwald-1Grünwald-2, Pianta.
effect. 100% BaconZissou, Hervé.
Grotesque, the. Akerman: Painter with a Double-Edged Sword, Grotesqueness in the TriptychSER Y NO SER, Francis Bacon y lo Grotesco, Aspectos grotescos del arte de BaconEl juego de baconThe Grotesque in Bacon's PaintingsLo Grotesco en las pinturas de BaconLo Grotesco en las pinturas instinctivas de Bacon; Acerca de lo Grotesco en las pinturas de BaconUna mirada al grotesco vital
homosexuality. Queer Francis
mirror. Bacon recalls CocteauOrpheus.
method. Careful Planning.
monsters. The Art of Francis Bacon
Nazi imagery. Britannia Awakes.
New Figuration. Realism in extremis.
Picasso, Pablo. Distortion
Poe, Edgar Allan. Double Silence
remarks and quotations. Art Documents, Remarks, BBCBacon's Position, Francis Bacon y lo Grotesco, Aspectos grotescos del arte de Bacon, El juego de BaconPainter with a Double-Edged Sword, Peintre des émotions enfouies.
reviews. London; Madrid; New York; The Human Zoo; Foam of Feeling and Existential WastelandThe Greatest Painter or a Fascinating Mess?; Pride and Prejudice; Vidal.
resources. Centennial Birthday.
studio. Bacon's StudioEl taller y sus contenidos.
sadomasochism. Sadomasoquismo implícitoConsiderando.
themes. Baconian Concerns; Bacon's Position
visual sources. Interviews with Francis BaconClipping as Source of Inspiration; El taller y sus contenidos; Inspired by Grünwald; Grand Guignol; Wrestlers' Contact Sheets; Centenary Exhibition 2009Careful Planning; El maletín de Bacon; Las fuentes hispánicas del arte baconiano; Incunabula; A Mind on Fire; ASC, Love is the Devil

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