Zissou on Bacon

"As I flicked through the big book of Bacon’s works I felt a spark of something I had never felt before – a style I had never seen, a sense of mystery, of subversion, even menace – and yet the forms and flow of the lines felt so elegant and natural to me. It felt as if Bacon discovered a way to visually expose, even for just a fleeting moment, the inner soul of the sitter, it felt honest.
His works, particularly in the middle years of his career, have always managed to draw me in. I am regularly seeing them in different ways. The same painting can often drum up a completely different emotion each time I view it. I spot another technique or another form. They have made me think about art and life probably more than any other works that I have encountered." - Zissou

These words reflect with admirable precision what Francis Bacon's art keeps on producing in myself too. Thank you Zissou for such significant words. - M.A.

By the way, Zissou's work is fascinating.

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